my right eye is annoying me tdy.from double eyelid become unglam please.YUCKS,.my right arm has stopped functioning tdy cause of ytd’s that suan suan feeling.wahsehhh.hurhh.erika & i are getting high over msn.HAHAHA i can die please.confessing ******* to each other.WHAT ON EARTH.hahaha.EH.hook fingers alr ah.SECRET YES.

i just packed my camp bag hahaha i feel as if im gg on holiday or sth.pack so much stuff la HAHA can go to thailand for holiday.hahaha. stupid emo monkey jeffrey’s going to aussie land tdy.HURH HURH.have fun.and you better be pack to accompany me to go for cai’s thingy next cai has no more kicka*s boyfriend!ahahaha.awwww.hahahas.what on earth i still think that ****** is cute hahahahaha chickenbackside KILL ME MAN.rachellll limmmm please save me HAHAHAH oh wait,GIVE ME HIS NUMBER.hahahaha.okay dont.i will die.

RIGHT.OKAY.I SHOULD STOP THIS.i am getting retarded.really retarded.AND MARCUS BYEBYE ALREADY.HURH.that i still cannot believe,LOL. nehmind la someday my prince will come HAHAHAHA i will always rmb that line from soph’s badge heh heh hehhh okay im going out now.[:


OHMYGOSH.tracy kwok just told me tt TP’s camp-EVERYONE SLPS tgt in the HALL.WITHOUT AIR CON AND BOYS & GIRLS TGT.WHAT THE HELL?!?!?haha separated by a curtain.BEST.shoot me.HAHAHA.she says TP camps are fun.SO YAY.i guess i should be happy.HAHA. oh but she says theres this lecturer in law that is super sarcastic haha OH SH*T,mama miaaaa i am bored hurh hurh my mates are cmg over at like 8am/9am plus tmr before we head off for camp.pls pray tt i’ll come back alive from camp.HAHA and that there wont be too many __s & __s in my course.THANK YOU.<3


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