my stupid shoesnsocks blogspot blog is darn screwed up haha i tried to delete it but then now the blogskin’s like some really old one which i used nonggg nonggg agoooo. so whatever,hello ppl dont read that blog its so freakingly outdated hahaha.stuck at home tdy  my throat hurts like sh*t and idk why ):.and mel ang says she cant send me smses cause my hp’s screwed ): haha i think i agree.my hse like no signal one pls.esp in my room.cannot send sms la.stupid crappy thing.

oh yes HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY BEVERLY ANGGGGG!lol mel ang’s youngest sister.<3 haha mel,pls show bev this okay HAHA.i love love you,small girl.hahas.

wanted to sleep till 9 or sth but stupid handphone kept buzzing.grrr.haha.waiting for mel ang to come online to send me the videooooo my daddy plucked out the mouse from the lappy.now i have no mouse to use.must use that red dot thing in the centre of the keypad.haha eeeyer.i dont like leh.heh i shall upload more pics!

hello there,mel png!<3


my pretty friend(:


at dorothy perkins fitting room.heh heh.





i think ive taken at least a few hundred pics with them.haha.each outing can take up till 80 LOL.ooookaaay.haha mummy’s making me eat wholemeal bread.?!?!?!?! eeyer.lol.


mass convo with syahir,kelvin & gideon.kill me pls.theyre mad people.seriously mad.HAHA.movie tmr!whooo!HAHA syahir’s trying to kill me.its part of his plan.first he’ll poke my face,then my teeth,then push me down the stairs till i die.HAHA evil monster.): OKAYY i shall get back to watching cheaper by the dozen 2.haha.love it.


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