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 theo walcott is so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! so cute so cute so cute haha omg la or what man.couldnt find michael trevino & david aw’s pics on the net. nehmind,i got walcott’s!HAHA i love him.i hope he loves me too.haha ya right dream on nicole. anyhow.lets see what ill be up to this week.

today:ROT AT HOME.

tues/wed:go out with mels if theyre free!i think theyre free.we’re all free.AHAAHAS.

thurs:maybe watching movie.go meet peter kelvin gabriel and carolyn at BUONA VISTA.[ i still cannot believe tt i agreed to go.SUPER FAR!omg]

fri:SO WHAT’s on in church.7pm.

sat:WG socials brought forward to this week.I


okay my life is boringggg man.superrr’s in like 10 days time!haha whoooo!cannot wait for sch to start.i miss real. i think tt PL’s the best sch ever.ahaha.i miss those freaking times we spent in sch.i think you heard this one million times alr.  but like whatever man who caresssss tp wont be as good as friends to make,but i want my old ones forever.theyre the bestest of the best.AIYOH.I MISS PL LEH.bring me back,turn back time.

one day i will upload the pic of us in the guy’s part of the toilet back at serangoon north’s holding sch.rather ahemmm.but damn funny.couldnt upload it previously in case we get caught and blah blah out of the sch alr.SO.i shall upload tt pic.soon. and i hv one of myself standing on the toilet bowl.freakinggggg spasticcccc omg.i shall tell you how much fun we had doing stupid can stop reading if you

annabelle used to be so naughty[she still is :P].during our prefects camp long long ago while we were in sec1/2,we went to bathe in cubicles which were side by side.and halfway through bathing,i hear someone SHOUTING from above my head.i look up.and theres annabelle looking down at me,from her side.she climbed over the wall.ANNABELLE LEE HUI fine day.i will do that to you.haha.chicken backside la you.

melissa png.during singapore idol’s last season.hady vs jon leong that one.during PE one day,we had some random talk abt those ‘idols’ and i think i said joakim rocks more[CAUSE HE’S CUTE WHAT]and she said jon rocks more[CAUSE HE CAN SING BETTER] and we didnt agree w each we fought lor.FRIENDLY FIGHT okay.i pushed her and pushed me back NON STOP PLS.round and round the pillar.PONGS are mad.HAHAHAH.i still love you.

rachel lim.back in sec 3.i still rmb you crying cause of chem test[AND WTH YOU GET A1 FOR Os HAHA].and your face was hell black.then ah.pong pong threw your wallet up into the air.and it happened to hit the classroom dust fell off the fan,and ur wallet hit idk what.and tt pongs ah,scared tt u would scold her,SHE CRIED retarded can my friends all are damn funny!and i rmb how i saw your a*s[LOL]when we were swimming at ur place and png pulled down ur pants HAHAHA rachel lim you are hilarioussssss.(:

and i love that time when we spent our free period in the canteen laughing for 35 mins non stop abt the eye-wiper thing and the face ez link card[INSIDE JOKE] LOL.and how rachel fell and dragged xinni along w her and they both crashed onto the ground.(: i dont think i’ll ever forget that.the funniest day in history man.and another damn cute thing to remember,one day our canteen played MCFLY songs.and mcfly’s number one fans rachel and png,happily sang the songs so freaking loudly tt teachers turned to stare and laugh at them.haha omg so cute la you two.

and during sec3 camp 2005.we werent supposed to bring food w us.but my clique mates are usual.smuggled twisties and chocolates tt we could party in the night.[9 ppl.we split ourselves into 2 tents SIDE BY SIDE].at night in our tent,i hear mel png from the other tent asking so damn loudly’EH YOU WANT TWISTIES ANOT?’and our camp instructor happened to be OUTSIDE.and png didnt know.BEST.somehow the instructor didnt care or whatever so png passed the twisties over to our tent.THEN ah.5 mins ltr she asked for it to be passed back.and guess what.ANNABELLE prollllllyyyy poured all the twisties onto her sleeping bag.and passed back the empty pack.MAN.HAHA my clique can make me die of laughter.seriously.

so much more to be written.but i think this post is long enough.see how much i miss those times back in PL! ): haha i love you clique.thank you for those super fun memories tt you gave me

having mass convo on msn w mel ang,png and clarissa now!haha theyre the loves man ❤



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