I JUST TYPED ALL MY CRAP HERE and i decided to remove it cause i think its stupid and you wouldnt be bothered to read it anyway.

my day was so-so.didnt start of well,but watever.met erika for lunch and to get XXX’s present.

after that i met up with mel ang,mel png,debs and png’s churchies geraldine,pei ling,elton & kai song.they followed us to get our top from far east! ITS THEEE BOMBBB MANNN its LOVEEE HAHA i love it.her friends are damn straightfoward.they told us which top is good and which top isnt HAHA omg so cute HAHA theyre nice ppl .so anyway,the mels & i made a promise[OKAY IS IT A PROMISE?lol] that next week we shall not spend.HEH.lets see if we keep to it.i hope we will HAHA cause im rather broke mannnn. okay not surprising at all.HAHA.yep yepppp heh i just sent off my poly application stuff AIYOH.headache man HAHA so many forms to fill & submit like ROAR ROAR ROAR!poly should like start i wouldnt have to town so much.and i wouldnt have to go out & spend HURH HURHHHHHH.oh yes mel ang!dont be sadddd okay I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!<33333 screw that person whoever he/she is and watever he/she did/said to you.lovelovelove!

in the mrt tdy.saw this boy who wasnt in know what i mean.he had some operation on his head.could see the cut lines and everything.everyone shunned him.he’s like 13+ yrs old?and like nobody wanted to sit next to him in the it was like 2 seats in btw him and the next person.wellll.he made some weird noises & he wanted to kick this really pretty girl near him.his father had to like practically sit on him to stop him from kicking and making weird noises.super poor thing.the father looked tired & all.mmhmm.was standing at the side looking..and thinking..maybe i shouldnt like complain so much abt everything[LIKE HOW my mummy wont let me buy so many sweets] when God has been so good to me all these while,all these 16+ years tt i have lived on this many things to thank Him my family[although sometimes we get angry w each other but still,,theyre the best and i love them!],my friends[you know who you all are],my WG,good health all these yrs,letting me to get into law @ TP,for basically everything in life.for everything He has provided me with although i dont deserve it.He’s been good.(: i love you God.and thank you for everything.


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